coreplus API

The coreplus API provides access to appointment booking related end points, such as clients, practitioners, availability slots and appointments. It is a RESTful API, which utilises the HTTP verbs for creating viewing objects.

If you are a developer looking to create an external consumer server to server application for your coreplus clients, then by signing up for a sandbox account you will get access to your own trial coreplus account on our sandbox server with authorisation credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the API documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Create a coreplus add-on to connect with by API

To begin creating an add-on for coreplus you will need a coreplus developer account on our sandbox server. If you haven’t created one of these already, click the “Join” button at the very top or the very bottom of this page, fill in the form, and record your account login in details. Once your account has been created and you are logged in, you are ready to begin creating the App connection and preparing data in your account for API transactions.

When connecting to coreplus via an API, you will need to create an add-on in coreplus that supplies the authorization credentials and permission set for your API access. Creation of an add-on is demonstrated here in the following steps where I create an add-on called “MySuperApp”

1. Log into your new sandbox account and locate a menu in the sidebar labelled “Developer”, then expand this to locate a “Applications” sub menu. From here you will be able to click “Create” to create your new add-on application which will allow you an API connection to coreplus

The Add-on create button

2. Fill in the details of your application adding in things like the name, terms and conditions and description as these are things your customer will see when they enable the add on for your app in the production server. Note down the API consumer Id (which you can overwrite and customise) and the secret. You will need these pieces of information as part of the API authentication

*Note that if you change the permissions after enabling your application, you will need to re-enable your application for the new permissions to become effective.2_mysuperapp

3. Once your Addon has been created, the next part is to enable it (as your customer would in the production environment). To do this, go to the sidebar Setup > Add Ons submenu. You should see your newly created Addon in the tiled list of available add-ons. Click on it.3_mysuperapp_addons

4. In the next screen click the “Enable” button. A pop up window containing the terms and agreements for your application should appear. The customer will need to agree to these before being able to proceed.4_mysuperapp_addon_enable

5. Now the add-on has been enabled there will be an access token available which you will need to obtain for the API authentication. At this point you should now have

  1. A consumerId
  2. A secret
  3. An access token

These will be required when you begin making API calls and need to create authorization headers

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