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The coreplus API provides access to appointment booking related end points, such as clients, practitioners, availability slots and appointments. It is a RESTful API, which utilises the HTTP verbs for creating viewing objects.

If you are a developer looking to create an external consumer server to server application for your coreplus clients, then by signing up for a sandbox account you will get access to your own trial coreplus account on our sandbox server with authorisation credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the API documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Current API Version

The current version of coreplus API is v2.1

Version 2.1 is available on both the sandbox and production environments (version selection is made by URL)

How to select API Version ?

The API version is nominated in API connection request URL and the matching URL in the JwToken as discussed in the authentication page. Here is an example of an API URL connecting to the schedule availability endpoint at the coreplus v2.1 API on the sandbox environment.

Sample URL:

Typically the API URL is of the following pattern:

https://[server domain name]/api/core/[version]/[end point]/[end point parameters]

The end point parameters may be optional depending on the end point and http method in use. See the documentation in this website for what is required for each endpoint.

For sandbox accounts the server domain is and for production accounts the server domain is, which is what you will use when you have finished developing and wish to make  API calls to the live environment on your customer’s account. When you are ready to go live please contact to arrange live credentials and confirmation between coreplus and your customer regarding access.

Current and Future API Changes

A new version of coreplus API is available. The latest version V2.1

Major Changes (v2 to v2.1)

/appointment (Get):
1. Returns rescheduled and cancelled appointments.
2. Returns new parameter status (Rescheduled, Cancelled, No Show, Attended, Booked) as per appointment UI
3. If an appointment is private, returns subject as “This appointment has been marked as private” and will hide the appointment notes and client id

1. Allows update of mobile phone number to be empty.

/availabilityslot (Get):
1. Include schedule occurrence filter, eg: every Nth week (fix for bug on v2)

For this and any other integration matters, please email

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