coreplus API

The coreplus API provides access to appointment booking related end points, such as clients, practitioners, availability slots and appointments. It is a RESTful API, which utilises the HTTP verbs for creating viewing objects.

If you are a developer looking to create an external consumer server to server application for your coreplus clients, then by signing up for a sandbox account you will get access to your own trial coreplus account on our sandbox server with authorisation credentials.

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Get A Client Record

Required parameters Type Description
clientId string The id of the client to get


Example request
Example response
    "title": "Mr",
    "medicareCardNumber": "12345678",
    "medicareCardIRN": "2",
    "medicareCardExpireDate": "2021-09-01T00:00:00",
    "dvaCardNumber": "NX1200121",
    "addressResidential": {
        "streetAddress": "21 eldy street",
        "postcode": "3011",
        "suburb": "FOOTSCRAY VIC",
        "state": "",
        "country": "AUSTRALIA"
    "addressPostal": {
        "streetAddress": "21 eldy street",
        "postcode": "3011",
        "suburb": "FOOTSCRAY VIC",
        "state": "",
        "country": "AUSTRALIA"
    "phoneNumberFax": "0300000000",
    "phoneNumberHome": "0300000000",
    "phoneNumberWork": "0300000000",
    "phoneNumberMobile": "0400000000",
    "email": "",
    "practitionerId": "95ce7d88-374d-42fd-8e29-bcaaa8e92670",
    "clientGroupId": "af0293cd-74ab-e611-952f-005056a3005d",
    "concessionId": "0924c845-3617-479d-85cd-79eddb61f124",
    "marketSourceId": "dfbfe154-c4d3-4c0a-85f5-f5c23db178e6",
    "healthFundProviderId": "7569daa5-41bb-4a2e-a26b-a8cf678194d6",
    "healthFundMembershipNumber": "A012345",
    "healthFundCardPosition": "1",
    "status": "Current",
    "disclosure": "FULL",
    "allocatedLocationId": "d40c16c7-9962-4924-85ca-2c9234095bb6",
    "marketingConsent": "Approved",
    "preferredName": "kanry",
    "culture": "somecul",
    "pronouns": "e",
    "clientId": "02d2d691-7470-4b82-9223-c1c8f256c451",
    "firstName": "kanga",
    "middleName": "karo",
    "lastName": "roose",
    "dateOfBirth": "1967-09-03T00:00:00",
    "gender": "Male"

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