coreplus API

The coreplus API provides access to appointment booking related end points, such as clients, practitioners, availability slots and appointments. It is a RESTful API, which utilises the HTTP verbs for creating viewing objects.

If you are a developer looking to create an external consumer server to server application for your coreplus clients, then by signing up for a sandbox account you will get access to your own trial coreplus account on our sandbox server with authorisation credentials.

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Create a Client (Post)

Required parameters Type Description
firstName String(50) The client’s first name
lastName String(50) The client’s surname.
dateOfBirth Date The date of birth of the client.


Example request URL:


Example response
  "client": {
    "clientId": "3dc6e75d-20b6-42bf-bb72-193ce9da85fc"


Optional parameters Type Description
ExternalId String Any text related to client (Ex: Can be used as Id from 3rd party systems)
title String The patient’s title – Acs Prof, Dr, Master, Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Prof, Rev
preferredName String The patient’s preferred name
middleName String The patient’s middle Name
gender String The patient’s gender – Male or Female or Other or empty.
pronoun String The patient’s pronoun. Must be one of the following values – e, he, she, they, xe, ze, other

‘e’ represents — e/em/eir/eirs/emself
‘he’ represents — he/him/his/his/himself
‘she’ represents — she/her/her/hers/herself
‘they’ represents — they/them/their/theirs/theirself
‘xe’ represents — xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself
‘ze’ represents   ze/hir/hir/hirs/hirself
‘other’ represents — other

culture String(20) The patient’s culture
medicareCardNumber String(20) The patient’s medicare card number
medicareCardIRN String(1) The patient’s medicare IRN number
medicareCardExpireDate Date The expiry date of the medicare card number (YYYY-MM-DD)
dvaCardNumber String(20) The patient’s dva card number
phoneNumberHome String(50) The patient’s home phone number
phoneNumberWork String(50) The patient’s work phone number
phoneNumberMobile String(50) The patient’s mobile phone number
Status String(50) The patient’s status – Current, Closed, Deleted, Deceased
email String(50) The patient’s email address
addressResidential The patient’s address {“streetAddress”:””,”city”:””,”postcode”:””,”state”:””}
addressPostal The Patient’s postal address {“streetAddress”:””,”city”:””,”postcode”:””,”state”:””}
postalSameAsResidential Boolean
notes1 String(300) Patient Overview Notes field 1
notes2 String(300) Patient Overview Notes field 2
practitionerId Object containing Id Patient’s assigned case manager (from Practitioner Get endpoint)
AllocatedLocationId Object containing Id Patient’s assigned location (from Location Get endpoint)
clientGroupId Object containing Id Patient’s assigned client group (from ClientGroup Get endpoint, requires advanced permissions for the calling application\user )
marketingConsent String Marketing preference of the patient. Must be one of the following 4 allowed values:

Approved, ApprovedAddressPending, NotApproved, ConsentUnknown. All other values will be ignored.

HealthFundProviderId Object containing Id Patient’s health fund provider (from Health Fund Providers Get endpoint)
HealthFundMembershipNumber String Patient’s Health Fund membership number
HealthFundCardPosition String Patient’s Health Fund card position number
marketSourceId Object containing Id Patient’s market source (from Market Source Get endpoint)
concessionId Object containing Id Patient’s concession (from Concession Get endpoint)


Example request URL:


      "streetAddress":"120 Narreb St",
      "streetAddress":"444 Jeffrey Road",
   "notes1":"Excellent Patient",
   "notes2":"Prompt Payer",
   "HealthFundProviderId": "d7ad8954-f024-4e89-bd40-41b64aec087e",
   "HealthFundMembershipNumber": "1234567",
   "HealthFundCardPosition": "1",
Example response
  "client": {
    "clientId": "4ac7e75b-23b6-42bf-bb72-193ce9da86fa"

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