coreplus API

The coreplus API provides access to appointment booking related end points, such as clients, practitioners, availability slots and appointments. It is a RESTful API, which utilises the HTTP verbs for creating viewing objects.

If you are a developer looking to create an external consumer server to server application for your coreplus clients, then by signing up for a sandbox account you will get access to your own trial coreplus account on our sandbox server with authorisation credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the API documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

API End Points

The API endpoints are accessed by changing the URL in the API request for the specific endpoint. For example: To access the locations endpoint at the time of writing you may use the URL = “”.

When developing your application you should check what the current endpoint address is. In the above example we are using “v2”, but this maybe subject to change in the future. Once you have set up your add-on you can use the built in coreplus developer API explorer to find and test some of the end points. You will find the the API explorer in Developer sidebar menu.api_explorer

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